Mathematical Resilience
Clare trained as a secondary mathematics teacher at Reading University and has taught in comprehensive schools in Oxfordshire and the West Midlands before becoming the Research Fellow on the Kings Medway Formative Assessment Project. Since then she has worked as a LA adviser before joining Warwick University and then moving to the Open University. She has worked with Sue on developing the construct “Mathematical Resilience”, working with schools and teachers and in particular with the students themselves to consider how teaching can enable students to use the resilience that they display in many areas of life to learn, use and control mathematics both to pass exams and to empower them in their lives after school.
Sue trained as a secondary mathematics teacher at Cambridge University and taught in London comprehensive schools. Since then she has worked in mathematics education for Kings College London, the Open University and Warwick University. She has published widely including the Sage 'Developing Thinking in Mathematics' series. Sue was Chair of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics 2005-2009. In collaboration with Clare Lee, working with students, teachers, school leaders, and parents, she has developed the construct 'Mathematical Resilience' as a positive framework for working with schools and families on 'the maths problem'. In collaboration with The Progression Trust and ASDAN, she has developed a programme for developing Coaches for Mathematical Resilience, so that mathematically anxious adults can support mathematics learners, from where they are now with their mathematics.
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