Mathematical Resilience
Mathematics Resilience – making it happen The Shard Symposium 16th January 2015 Evidence is accruing that Mathematical Resilience is fundamental to developing a numerate, empower society. Here are the presentations and reports from the symposium designed to explore the next steps to be taken in enabling learners to become Mathematically Resilient. The symposium was convened to bring together practitioners, funders and researchers to discuss what is happening in enabling learners to develop Mathematical Resilience. It is a precursor to an international conference that will be held jointly by University of Warwick and Open University in November 2015. The symposium was held at the Warwick University Business School Offices in The Shard. The following presentations were made at the symposium. The titles link to .pdf files of the slides for each presentation. PPT1 What is Mathematical Resilience? Dr Clare Lee PPT2 National Numeracy Mike Ellicock PPT3 Results of Gatsby Funded Research: A survey of Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematical Resilience amongst existing apprentices Sue Johnston-Wilder PPT4 Promoting Mathematical Resilience in Learners Kath Grant PPT 5 a&b Parenting and Teaching for Mathematical Resilience; National Numeracy approach 5b Scrapbook Sarah-Jane Gay and Els de Geest PPT6 Coaching for Mathematical Resilience Liz Garton PPT7 Parenting for Mathematical Resilience Dr Janet Goodall/Dr Rosemary Russell Coming soon: Addressing Mathematical and Statistical Anxiety at HE Meena Kotecha Reports from Working groups: the way forward