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Friday  12 | 09 | 2014

Welcome to the Mathematical Resilience Website Blog. We will use this blog to post news and events that are designed to spread the MR message or just to talk about our latest thinking about developing resilience in those who are learning and using mathematics. So the first news is that the website is up and running. The website currently contains a short explanation of mathematical resilience and links to papers and publications that will say more about Mathematical Resilience and its background. Very soon the pages for teachers and schools, coaches and parents will be populated with some ideas from the work that we have already done in those areas. But we want more. One of the basic ideas behind mathematical resilience is the value of working together, recruiting ideas from the community that can help learning grow. The forum and the “contact us” part of the site are designed with this in mind. Let us know when and where you have used MR ideas, what happened and how the learners involved were affected. We will read all contributions with the aim of using them in the website to offer more resources to enable people who want to learn mathematics to do so effectively and without anxiety. Clare
Mathematical Resilience