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Maintaining and strengthening links

Posted by eduKate 
Maintaining and strengthening links
January 17, 2015 10:52AM
Thank you for yesterday, it was really great. I had been on the forum beforehand but not left a message as there were no others but someone has to be the first one so here goes!

I think a lot of valuable things came out of yesterday and I felt that one of the main ones for me was the chance to talk to so many people who were trying to do similar things to me in so many different settings. I really hope that that can be built upon and that this forum can become a way of making and strengthening links with other people interested in Mathematical Resilience. So for those people who I didn't get to talk to yesterday my work is mainly about how parents can be involved in building mathematical resilience in their children. I also spend a lot of my time helping students of all ages develop their own mathematical resilience as a tutor and working in the Sigma Support Centre in Coventry University. So if anyone is interested in linking around either of those subjects please get in touch.
Re: Maintaining and strengthening links
January 17, 2015 04:50PM
Thank you Kate for being the first and thank you for your kind words. We left the symposium feeling that the day had been a great success, with networks being formed and steps forward being taken.

I hope many more people will find their way to the forum and that the networks will be manitained and will strengthen and grow.

When we have have had time to assess all the ideas that came out of yesterday we will be back on this forum seeking support and ideas.

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